Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Then end of wwoofing, beginning of a holiday

No more work!!! no more shoveling or pruning or waitressing or fence building or any of the other things I've been doing since I've stared wwoofing. I can honestly say in the past couple of months I've spent almost no money, and I can now enjoy the rest of it knowing it only has to last about 6 weeks. I've been getting on better at La Casa Romana lately. Although my attention to detail and ability to see every single speck of flour, bit of grated cheese and dust on the cabinets is still not quite up to standard I was getting better. The orchard is finished, with a little help from one of the girls and I've taught them Spite and Malice, which they seemed to like. On Monday I went into Wellington to get some travel injections and do some shopping and managed to meet up with two very good friends. That was a bit sad although hopefully I should be seeing one in London very soon and the other maybe one day not to far off.

I had a  very bizarre experience on the train back. Only one train an evening goes as far as Otaki, the rest stop in Waikanae about 15km away but this one goes as far as Palmerston North. It is much much nicer then the commuter train to Waikanae ad therefore was very crowded. I took my seat and everyone around me started talking to each other, asking how there day was. One man was saying to half the train that his house had been purchased by the government for building a new highway. It seemed like they all knew each other, as this was the only train in in the morning and out in the evening that went further than Waikanae. In London people sit on the train with a newspaper or a book, never speaking, but here they were all chatting and being friendly to each other, it was very nice.

I had a final day at work yesterday and got chatting to some customers about the riots in London and how I'm going on holiday so I'm hoping its all calmed down when I get back. Its shocking news and its actually very scary. I say bring in the Army, and water cannons with florescent paint instead of water, anyone with paint on them gets arrested.

Got the bus this morning to Napier, and being very hungry I am sitting an a cafe that offers 50MB of free wi-fi to customers. Napier is on the eastern side of the North island, on Hawkes Bay and is the 'Art Deco capital' of the world. It was destroyed by an earthquake in 1931 and was re-built in the art deco style of the day. I plan to do an art deco tour while I am here, and a wine tour. I have 2 days so that should be fine. I'll ask at the I-site. Every single town in New Zealand has an I-Site. Its basically tourist information, booking services, hotels, transport, local things to do ect. And they are everywhere, even in the smallest, most out of the way, isolated places on the planet. We stayed in one town on the south island that was our hostel/ campsite, a few farms and a school and the I-Site was also the pub, restaurant and general store. Ohakune the 'carrot capital of NZ' Bulls where everything is 'incredi - bull' have i-sites. Seriously what would make a tourist stop in Thames, or Geraldine, or Balclutha, other then to grab a coffee and go? Kiwis are made, fact. Anyway the Napier I-Site is my next stop. By the end of my stay here I should be an expert in the Art Deco movement.

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