Monday, 27 December 2010


Hello everyone! Hope you all had a very good Christmas. Work was extremely busy last week. Turkey arrived Monday and Wednesday and there was a big drama because they sent turkey crows instead of breasts. People were also clueless as to how big of a turkey they needed, even though it clearly said that for a whole bird allow 500g a person. Duck also seemed to be a very popular choice for people to have and Ham was the other big seller. I arrived on Christmas Eve at 7am to see customers waiting in line already, as we had opened at 6. We had three lines going the entire length of the shop by mid-morning, it was absolute madness. We were constantly re-stocking the sausages and bread and the produce boys, who had been there since 4am, were having to deal with complaints as we ran out of berries.Well people should have been more organised! After lunch things calmed down a bit, with it being like a normal Saturday.

Christmas over here is a little like Christmas in the UK but people don't seem to worry about it till December. Ham, Turkey, Christmas crackers and mince pies are popular, same as the UK really. But some people decide not to do a roast and have a bbq instead, and going away to the batch on the beach is popular.

On Christmas day I went to church first thing in the morning, enjoying the walk in the morning sunshine the went home, put my pyjamas back on and went to my friend's house (opening presents just isn't the same in normal clothes). There were four of us there and we made French toast for breakfast with bacon. Lunch consisted of cheeseburgers, chicken drumsticks, sausages, salads and kumera mash (sweet potato). The for my pavlova (picture of facebook). We played monopoly (i won) and Cluedo, watched movies and had more than a couple of drinks!! Boxing day was a lazy day, we went shopping in the afternoon and I found a dress for New Years eve for $15!!! absolute bargain! Work has been very quiet for the last couple days, I think it will be all week as most people will have gone away for the holidays.

Thats all for 2010, Happy New Year everyone and I'll blog again soon!

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