Saturday, 1 January 2011

New Years

Well for a capital city New Years was a bit of a let down, no fireworks or anything. It was a fun night but didn't feel like New Year really, just a normal night out with my friends really. It was a bit strange knowing that when I went to the movies Saturday evening it was only just 2011 in New York! It was also a crazy day at work, not quite as bad as Christmas Eve but still very busy. Hopefully things will settle down now and it won't be so manic!

I've learnt that 'candy' or 'sweets' are called lollies here. That refers to anything and a lollie-pop is just the ones on sticks. I've also noticed that the TV advertising here is a lot more like the American style, loud, in your face not particularly clever or interesting. They also have loads of info-mercials here which are so annoying. Most of the TV shows here are either American, Australian or British, with Coronation Street being one of the more popular soaps. When there is a New Zealand version of a show the budget is never as big. For example America's/Britains next top model always takes the girls abroad for the last few weeks of the series and gies them ridiculously expensive prizes every week. New Zealand's girls got to go away for one week and there prizes are like, one item of clothing from a shop instead of a whole shopping spree.

Happy New Year everyone!!

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