Tuesday, 4 January 2011


There's this crazy thing people do over here which is walk around barefoot. I don't know why, or what it's supposed to achieve but even in the middle of winter some people refuse to wear shoes. not just on the beach, or in the summer in the park but everywhere. Pavements with shattered glass, dirt track or wherever. They just don't wear shoe's, very strange. I think it has something to do with the love of the beach over here. Auckland is the 'City of Sail's' with over 1/3 of the population having private access to a boat. Many people here also have access to a bach, in fact as many as 50% of the non-migrant population are related to somebody who owns one. This means family holidays spent together on the beach but this has its down side.
Since New Years day 9 people have drowned which is very sad but is a common cause of death over here. Car crashes are another one. Kiwi's are crazy drivers and between winding roads and the 'boy racer' culture over it can be dangerous. The boy racer thing is bad, kids basically modify there cars to make them faster and better for skidding then race them at night. There is also a problem with drink driving but the most shocking of all the stories in the news lately was a thirteen year old boy who drove his drunk relatives home from a Boxing Day wedding as he was the only sober person around and ended up killing his cousin by crashing the car. Over one person a day is killed on the road with holidays being the most dangerous.

Well onto some happier topics after that! The weather is finally settled, after some horrific rain last week we finally have had  few days of good weather. I've found a park close to my house so I can go running again, i seriously need the exercise after indulging over the holidays! Things are back to normal at work, not to crazy. watermelon, corn on the cob and gooseberries have all come in so now is the time to stuff myself with fruit and veg because there won't be as may varieties around this winter.

I also had an epiphany  the other day at work when a customer was asking me about the chilli corn bread. I was telling them about a toasted sandwich I made with the bread, some lemon and chilli halloumi and Waiheke island herb spread which is olive oil and lost of herbs blended like pesto. It was the best sandwich I ever made and I got so excited by the fact that I got 2 add-on sales with the bread. Also talking to people who really loved food just as much as I do made me feel excited for the rest of the day and I was buzzing about this conversation about the sandwich. So I figured I should do the Waitrose Graduate programme if I can get in, so thats decision made. Just got to go to a few more vinyards first, particularly Villa Maria and Oyster Bay, can't wait!!! I'm feeling getting a bit bored of Wellington now and am itching to travel but I need to save a few more pennies first otherwise I'll just have a rubbish time.

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