Thursday, 30 June 2011

Lambs, Meg and Pendragon

Well its not been an easy day for me today. Some twin lambs were born last night and today we went to catch them to put the tags in their ears and saw that one was a lot smaller than the other. When her mother walked off she wasn't following and when we caught the sheep we found that she had mastitis in one side of her udder, where no milk is produced. Its horrible for sheep because that side just rots away eventually. It wouldn't be a problem if she had a single lamb, as she is old and off to the works due to her deteriorating teeth so a slow illness like that wouldn't have bothered her anyway. But she can't look after both so we had to force the smallest lamb to get one last feed from her by putting the sheep on its side and holding the teat out to the lamb (after all breast is best) and then carried her to the house and put her in a pen in the garden. She keeps baaaaa-ing, calling for her mother and its a horrible noise. Its like a normal lamb noise mixed with desperate scream. She will get used to us in a few days, and if any other twins are born to mothers who can't take care of then she will have company. We were working in the vineyard after and I forgot my iPod, I had to go back and get it just because it was to hard to hear the lamb crying out.

Other than that we are on row 37 out of 87 off the vineyard, and I would say without my iPod I would want to kill myself. We are babysitting 7 miniature horses for a friend of Pam and Dave's and the other day we put some in a field with the cows. There are 8 very large cows and 5 very very small miniature horses (about the size of a very large dog) and guess who get the best grazing, and access to water first? The horses. They are just so bossy!

Meg the dog is a the most needy dog you can get. She was trained as a working dog but got shocked by the electric fence to many times and developed a phobia, which lead to other phobias. She is now useless really, we tried to use her to round up the cows but she just ran from Dave to me. She needs re-training or a bullet, thats what Dave says. The cat. Pendragon, its the funnies cat ever. He likes sitting right in front of a fire or on someones lap. He lets you pick him up and play with him and will curl up on your lap if he feels like it. He likes to sleep with Pam and Dave and even has learn to jump up and pull the door handle down to get into their room. But now that I am here he sleeps with me, every night he come and and gets UNDER the covers and curls up next to me. I can't stop him, he walks around my pillows and the funny thing is if I' sleeping on my side he comes in under me, and if I turn over he gets up and climbs over, or around so he's in front of me again! crazy cat he just likes it because its warm under the covers.

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