Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Abel Tasman

It was great to wake up this morning knowing I didn't have to go anywhere. And sleeping in that room which was more like a corridor wasn't to bad. The weather was amazing today, I know I told you all yesterday that it was so bad the ferrys were delayed and the flight was rocky but today there wasn't a cloud in the sky. It was a bit chilly, but not to bad in the sun. Most people on the bus had signed up to go sailing or kayaking but I'm trying to save money. The geography here is very strange. Abel Tasman is on the coast and there are loads of golden sandy beaches. Mountains (or maybe they are hills) rise up directly from the beaches and in some areas there are very steep cliffs. A path has been carved out which gradually ascends the side of one hill and then levels out and runs the length of the entire path, with only a few steep bits in places. There are also campsites to stay at along the way for people wanting to stay within the park. In an attempt to save money I decided to walk some of the track rather than sail, kayak or get a water taxi far out and walk back. (or walk out and have the water taxi pick me up).

So with a packed lunch in my bag (and a broken coxyx from skydiving to deal with) I decided to see how far I could get. It was a really nice walk, mostly in the shade so I was cold, and the path was surround by jungle and below there were beaches. I got as far as Apple Tree Bay, which is just over 5km along the track and had some lunch. I was thinking of going further as it was a fairly easy walk but after a trip that really jarred my coxyx and I decided 5k was all I was going to make. Its a shame as other then spending money on the internet there really isn't much to do at this hostel, so I would have like to be out longer. I saw lots of birds along the way and a few little reptiles, mostly typical things people normally see in the New Zealand Jungle. My legs ached by the time I got back, I've been resting for a week and a half since the sky diving so to do such a long walk took its toll by the end. I was determined to do something though as I missed out on the Tongariro crossing. I managed the whole trip, so that's a 10k walk and a lunch stop, in less than three hours and with a broken bone I don't think the was to bad of a time.

One thing I really wish I had here was my dad's camera. My mum gave me here old digital one which was really nice of her and is good for almost everything I need. But if my parents do manage to get out here then you guys will get much better photos. A nice wide-angle lens to really capture the stunning landscapes would have been great at nearly every place on this trip. It really amazing here, with the blue water, gold beach and green jungle. Even yesterday in the plane having the view of the vineyards with the Southern Alps in the background would have been a great photo, if I wasn't holding on for dear life! Actually the best thing to do would be for everyone to come over and see it for themselves :)

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