Wednesday, 27 April 2011

The South Island!!!!!!

Hello everyone, had a very eventful day today. I got up early to get to the Ferry terminal at 7am, only to find that due to the weather the ferry had been delayed. When it arrived there was a big hole in it so the trip got cancelled. As the other company, Interislander, had already sailed. So the option were hang around in Wellington, get the later ferry and hang around in Picton (small town nothing to do) for 2 days to get the next bus, or fly over. as the flight was only 30 mins and $35 more than the ferry would have been some of us flew over in a tiny 12 seater airplane. I mean this this thing was small, it was like the planes you go skydiving in. Due to the bad weather we couldn't even land in Picton (where the ferry docks) so we had to go the Blenhiem, a larger town about 1/2 hour away. So after getting the shuttle to the airport then the tiny airplane in we had pretty bad weather for landing. It is honestly the only time I have been scared in and airplane, we were getting tossed around like a kite in a thunder storm. The views over the mountains and the Cook Straight were stunning but I really couldnt appriciate them. We did manage to somehow land safely, and it was actually one of the smoothest landings ever!!!! We then got the shuttle back to Picton and found the big orange Stray bus.

The bus then stopped off at a vinyard and we got to taste some wines (i've had better although its the first time I ever had a Charrdonney I could drink, normally that stuff is horrible) and on to Able Tasman National Park. We have a whole day here tomorrow and its right on the coast so there is sailing, kayaking and water taxis to take you places. Unfortunaltey I am not made of money so I will be hiking tomorrow after a nice lie in. It was very dark when we arrived so I can't really tell you much about the scenery.

I got put in and 8 bed dorm to save money, buy Its very strange. Its like someone put 8 beds in a corridor cos you go in from the kitchen and outside to the bathrooms. There are also stairs to the private rooms in our dorm so I'm not sure how I'll sleep tonight, I'll put pictures up though, its very unique. And I'm very glad I got earplugs!!!

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  1. How's the weather down there. It's bloody freezing up in the old Wellington!