Friday, 8 October 2010

The Great Escape

Right. tuesday we had to take Batman to the vet cos he had a melanoma. me and roberta then headed over to the red cross tea room, which looks like someone's living room from WWII, for a cup of tea and to wait for the bus, which we missed as we were talking to the old lady there and Roberta was phoning to see if/when the plumber had arrived to sort out the water. This 40 year old punk turned up and the old lad at the red cross wen silent and moody cos someone diffeent t her was there. I wandered round town and Roberta took a nap on the sofa. We got in and roberta took another nap, she was stressed out about Batman and the 'cultue clash' at the tea room and told me to glue the loose tiles to this table i was supposed to be grouting. I got chatting to the guy she had in to sort the garden out and then we baked a parsnip cake (like carrot cake) and the vet phoned to say batman was ready to be picked up. So we get batman and get home, eat, and Roberta tells me she's worried about the gardener and he's so creative that he's going to go over budget, which after Batman's surgery and the plumber she can't let him do. So i suggested that whenever they talk she just repeat the phrase 'as long as its within our pre-agreed budget.'

Next morning she comes out and starts yelling at Paul telling him she doesn't want a chipper or any equipment and to just stop cos she doesn't want his 'creative juces' taking over the project. she run's off to a meeting and paul tells me everything he has been doing has been within budget, that he's working for about $2000 less than most gardeners as a favour and that he might quit. when roberta gets back she sort of apologises but not really and tells him to carry on with what he's doing. to be honest i though 'ths woman is mad, got to get out of here' so i told her i would be leaving the next day, thursday. She was really nice but to be honest i was bored with only her for company and i felt i was in the way, as she was in poor health and stressed about her cat, and the garden and money. I will keep in toch with her, she was good to me, i just couldn't handle the crazy.

Got back to auckland, texted everone i knew asking if they were around for the burger and movie night at the IEP office, printed out 50 copies of my CV and relaxedand with my friends. Burgers were from Burgerfuel and they were amazing, they were huge, really didn't need the chips, but this burger was the best i've ever had!!!! We watched Boy, a kiwi film set in the 80's about a maori boy and his family. it was sooooooo funny!

Then yesterday (friday) i took the train to Wellington. it was a 12 hour journey. the train was nice, the seats were comfortable and there was lots of leg room. at the back of our carriage there was a small lounge area with a glass window that took up the whole of the back for viewing. the views were stunning, and the train staff gave the occasional commentary, describing what we were seeing and giving us facts about things. We even had a lunch stop in the national park and got out for half an hour to walk around. You'de never get that on an English train!!! We ( i was travelling with Rob, a welsh guy in our group) met a Canadian lady and a woman with 8 year old twins. we spent most of the journey in the lounge area talking and i tought the kids a few card games then made them recite speaches they had to do for homework. I think the mum was grateful as 2 hours on a train with childre can't be easy. it was actually a very enjoyable and pleasant evening.

I'm now at YHA, which is nicer than base, in a room with 4 German girls.. for some reason there are so many Germans in New Zealand, you see them eveywhere. First ipressions of Wellington is that is much nicer than Auckland, ut i have to o shopping now cos everyone is so well dressed cos Wellington is very creative and artsy.

i think i'm going to do touristy stuff this weekend hen start the job hunt on Monday!!


  1. Glad to hear that you are safe and well. Enjoy Wellington, we need to see some pictures!

  2. Grandma and Aunt Anne are enjoying your blog. Keep writing(I print them off and take it to them) and thanks for posting pictures. the pictures of Hong Kong were nice. Andy left this afternoon for China. Purdue sent him - he will be there for 10 days. Hope you find a job soon - take care, be safe and have a good time!!!