Friday, 22 October 2010

Things are looking up!!!!

So things are getting a little better in Wellington now. I got a phone call from a sales company asking for an interview so went down on tuesday, got asked "are you comfortable with door-to-door sales" and was told to come to training the next day. So I stared three days of training all about Mercury Energy, a power company. I only went cos I hadn't heard anything else from anyone but the more I sat through the training the more I though it would actually be a reasonably descent job. I wouldn't get paid but I get between $40-80 a sale in comission so about £20-40. I figured I'de need 10 sales a week to be comfortable.

Then I got a call from a woman asking if I was a coffee maker and wanting to interview me so I have that on Tuesday. If she can give me 40 hours then i'm taking the job, I know the sales thing could be much better money but i'de rather have a seady income to rely on rather than things being a bit up and down. if she can only give me part time I might try and get enough hours there just to pay the rent, then do the sales thing for food ect.

Speaking of rent, I've found a flat! its very close to the city centre, there are 3 other girls there and the room i'm getting is being sub-let by a fourth girl who is a student going home for the summer. I move in on the 9th so not to long to go now! Its really cheap as well $153 a week including bills and internet. I can't wait!

Not much else has been going really. There are now 4 of us in wellington who I met on the plane and basically we've just been hanging out. I went to a rugby match on saturday with the friend of a friend from Auckland. He's English as well part of the same BUNAC exchange thing so it've been making new friends through him. I went with his flatmates but the game was boring, Wellington beat Taranaki easily, although one of the star All Blacks (the international sqaud) injured himself and is out of action for the rest of the season. And the tickets were free :) thats the best bit.

Not much else going on really, i'm going out and observing other sales people on monday, and have my coffee shop interview on tuesaday, so hopefully they'll both go well. I'll let everyone know!

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