Saturday, 2 October 2010

We're White We're Blue We're Gunna Crush You!!!!

Yesterday (friday the 1st) was spent chilling out and being hungover till the evening when i finally managed to pull it together in time for the rugby, Auckland vs. Hawks Bay. We were told to be in the globe bar at 5 even though the match wasn't till 7:30 so we were a bit confused. turns out it was happy hour so they were making us spend time there to spend money under the pretext of painting our faces in the Auckland colours, white and blue. Two of the people from the group flight, Carol-Ann and Graham came as well as a Norwegian called Ingrid who was also with IEP and an English guy who was just travelling for a few months called Andrew. There were also some crazy drunk Brazillian guys who were hillarious and painted there whole bodies with the scottish flag (blue and white) and were singing and doig mel gibson impersonations.

We walked to the train station where your ticket for the match was also your train ticket, a very good kiwi idea i think! Auckland took and early lead, but Hawks Bay scored staight from the kick off making nd convrted making it 7-7. For the rest of the first half Hawks bay led, and considering theres one All Black on there team and 5 on Auckland's they did really well. I wasn't sure whether to watch the match or the Crazy Brizillian who was being loud, singing, trying to start mexican waves and staning up on the parapet. He and his friends nearly got denie entry for writing 'F*** You Hawk's Bay' on there bodies and had to wash it off. there were a few times when securtiy came over, and were this England they would have been kicked out for sure, but New Zealand is more laid back.

During the second half Auckland managed to catch up and Hawks Bays scored one last try to end the game in a draw. We went back on the train but rather than get my 2 free drinks at globe bar i went to bed, and didnt sleep again because of the music. It was a very fun night though!

This morning i managed to wake up and after a bit of caffine i arrived on Waiheke excited about the wine tour. we went to 3 different vinyards and an olive grove. our tour guide/ driver was a German who'de been there 20 years and he was actually funny!!! a funny German!!!! two of the vinyards had the most beautiful buildings but the last, Mudbrick Vinyard, was the most stunning, with the main part being a tuscan style villa. They are very small and between all the weddings they do, the restaurant they have and the little shop in the tasting room don't really have enough wine to sell to anyone so te business is all self contained. (by the way i'm getting married there so you'de better start saving daddy). The wine from that estate was delicious! Not only that but there was a sign saying 'bar and waiting staff required, if interested ask at receptin or e-mail CV.' so guess who, in a few weeks time, might have a possible job on Waiheke island?? i'm still heading to Wellington and will decide down there whether or not to take the job, that is if the woman likes my CV. so who know?

I then tried to find my hostel, phoned for the adress and got picked up by a very nice english guy wih waist length dred locks then found my friends at a bar by the beach and had Ginger beer battered fish and chips, which we had tasted a a vinyard earlier which also has a brewery. There was a definite kick there!

The hostle is quite and i'm just praying for a good night sleep so i'm ready for work with Roberta

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