Monday, 4 October 2010

What have i got myself into?

ok so mr. waist length dreadocks saved me a few $ by helping me figure out which bus to get to Roberta's, rather than take a taxi. i show up and this crazy lad with messy hair and orange trousers greets me. the house is a mess, its a bungalow which is packed full of stuff, lots of books furniture and other random trinkets she seems to have collected over the years. the washing maichine is below the house and the shower is at the side of the house in a little shed attatched. She has had two hip replacements and has an arthritic back and shoulder. Her garden used to be an organic kitchen garden but with her health problems she can't do that anymore and is now working to restore it. So thats what i'm here to help her do.

We went to a pot luck dinner in the evening with her Christian friends and discussed the problems in Israel, as the hosts and just returned from there and someone said 'oh if people loved one another than there wouldn't be problems.' So after dinner we were sat down with tea and coffee and one woman said i want to pray so we all had to pray, then she said how her and her friend had been discussing the whole love one another as you love yourself thing and said she would like us to discuss how we love ourselves. it was a bit strange but we all had to say how we loved ourselved and what it meant to actually love yourself. it was very strange to have such a deep converstion with people. the men seemed to go with the self preservation, health care, buying boats etc. The woment went with 'i spent so many years being a mother it has taken a long time to learn to loe myself' and the problems of self confidence and self image. I was a bizzare thing to talk about with strangers and it seems they are making this a weekly thing, to talk about various aspects of the bible.

got an amazing nights sleep!!!!!!!!! finally!!!!!! then today i weeded the gravel in front of he house, bought a magazine and went to the beach. cadburys doesn't tast the same :( and there is no descent dark chocolate :( the water also stopped working so i had to cook and wash up by boiling water from a plastic water cooler type bottle in the kettle. Roberta really is a batty old lady, very forgetful and she sort of hobbles around. her friend came round and looked at the water tank (they get all there water from the rain on waiheke) and it seems temporarily fixed.

tomorrow i should be grouting a mosaic table Roberta made, should make a change from weeding!

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  1. Oh you made me laugh this morning!!!!!!!!!!!!! Character building experiences!