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This is possibly the most controversial blog post ever. Since I was first considering coming to New Zealand I was tild by people who had been to go to Fergburger, supposedly the best burger in the world. Its here in Queenstown and its a must for anyone, I mean anyone coming here. There are a few chains which do gourmet burgers, huge things with fancy and creative fillings. After weighing up all the options I think there are other contenders. Burgerfuel, Red Velvet, The Fat Tui and Devil Burger are other places where you can get a good burger. These aren't like Macdonalds, these thing are huge, massive, full of all sorts of fillings from beetroot to fried eggs and mango. So I'm giving each burger a score out of 5 for creativity of fixings, the burger pattie, chips and value for money. 

First up the Fergburger, the bookies favorite and supposedly the best in NZ
Creativity 4
burger 3
chips 2
value 4
I have to say I was disappointed with my first Fergburger, The beef wasn't the best, it had that iron taste that red meat can sometimes have. It was dripping, like they'd washed the lettuce and not dried it. The chips aren't very good, they are soggy and overpriced. The average Ferg costs $11-17 for the steak burger. However I went back with my friend and got a vegeburger and she got a chicken one, it was actually very good! It is right on the main road and because of its location its a favorite for drunken partiers stumbling out of the clubs at 3am, probably why its such a favorite with travelers. Overall they scored 13/20, brought down by the disappointing beef and not a great score for the favorite.

Next the Fat Tui
Creativity 3
Burger 5
Chips 5
Value 5
This is a little burger shack in just outside Abel Tasman National Park. Being small it had a very limited menu of a Beef burger, one with cheese and an egg, lamb, mussle pattie (sounds gross) or vege. However although the fixings are the same they are amazing. Tabbouleh, aoli and more salad then you can dream of went on. I had the lamb but they said the beef was good to, with onions and herbs in the pattie. The chips were very nie and there was also the option of Kumera (sweet potato) chips, as well as a choice of portion size. I have to say the Tabbouleh was a stroke of genius and it was one of the cheapest burgers there. 18/20

Creativity 5
Burger 4
Chips 4
Value 4
This one has to compete with Fergburger in Queenstown but in Invercargill it does pretty well. The menu is extensive and the home made relish is amazing. The pattie itself was good, not the best ever. In terms of value for money you have the option of regular or large burgers, so thats helpful and the regulars are huge anyway. the fries aren't fluffy enough on the inside but they are crispy. Overall better value for moeny then Ferg, better beef and you don't have to wait so long just to order. 17/20

Red Velvet
Creativity 4
Burger 3
Chips 3
Value 3
This one was actually had a large and creative menu. I had a burger with chilli mayonaise and grilled mango which was very good. the pattie was nice as well, you could tell it was home made because it was irregularly shaped and had rosemary in it but it was small, way way smaller than the bun and you had to eat half the burger to get to it. The chips were nice but they were frozen, I could see the guy cooking them and for what they charged I thought it was to much for frozen chips. Overall so much potential and it just didn't deliver

Creativity 5
Burger 4
Chips 5
Value 4
I will always remember my first burgerfuel, this was the first of the gourmet burgers I had in New Zealand. It was the Peanut Piston and had peanut sauce on it. It was amazing, I couldn't beleive it worked so well, it was like when I had the Fat Tui burger with tabbouleh on it. The chips are great, and you can get Kumara fries as well. They are huge and also come with a cardboard burger holder to keep it together. People criticise the fact that its a chain but that means the menu us much bigger and you an get it most places in the North Island. But its not like a fast food chain, they do really good food there. 18/20, tied with the Fat Tui!

So there you have it, all the places you need to go and the things you need to eat when you come here, have a Fergburger, you have to or you haven't really been a tourist here, just go for the chicken! And the Fat Tui really is a once in a lifetime experience, I'd go back if I could!

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