Friday, 13 May 2011

Stewart Island part 3

Had my fishing trip friday morning, it got moved due to the weather. We went out with this old man who's great great grandfather came over from the Orkney islands, and there are artefacts in the museum from his family members. After a very bumpy ride to a large bay we went hand line fishing, that is no rods just 3 hooks and a weight on a string. We caught mostly blue cod and we got tonnes of it! We would cut it up and use it as bait to get more. Not sure how I feel about killing fish to get more fish, and turning them into cannibals but oh well its done now.

He cooked us fish on board the boat, it was fish heads, fillets and tails (not the bony bit in the middle) in a pan with butter, lemon, pepper and sea water. It was amazing! Fish that was so fresh it was amazing! I took some back to the hostel and froze it. Overall it was a very nice trip but the island is just so small and quite. I'm glad I went but I don't think I could have stayed there must longer.

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