Thursday, 26 May 2011

Leaving Queenstown again

Well I decided not to find a job in Queenstown, its lovely but so small and expensive. And every recruitment agency and everyone else has said there will be nothing for 2-4 weeks and I don't want to hang around wasteing money. Instead I am getting the Stray bus again but skipping out the bottom bit, jsut going to Mt. Cook then Christchurch instead of all the way around the deep south. its cheaper than flying or getting the bus. I decided as I was heading back to Mt. Cook to do the glacier explorer boat and learn alot about the movement and formation of glaciers. We saw lots of really cool iceburgs floating in the lake and got fairly close to the Tasman Glacier, the biggest in NZ. You may remember that when we at Franz Josef on the way down the west coat we could see Mt. Cook and that now I was just on the other side of the mountain range. Well it truns out the Franz Josef and Tasman glaicers are a 7 hour drive from each other, but from the Tasman glacier you just climb over the mountain and you are 5 km from Franz Josef. Crazy!!! It was very informative, but very cold. We picked up bits of iceburg and ate/ drank them. They had no taste as water is so pure and the glacier would have formed over 300 years ago before pollution. It takes 300 years for the ice at the top of the glaicer to make its way down to the river, so thats 300 year old snow and ice in the iceburgs. Only 10% of the iceburg is above water, with 90% below and if a piece falls off or melts the glacer will turn over or rise up so that 10% is above water. It was all very interesting.

My plan is to to do the last bit of the Stray tour I havn't finished yet which is whale watching in Kaikora, then to find work on one of the organic farms around Blenheim, just for food and accomodation, before returning to Wellington to find a paying job. But if I work for food and accomodation at least I won't be spending money! Its the same organisation that I used to find the place on Waiheke island, but this time I have only emailed couples and familys, no single old ladies with cats!!!!

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