Sunday, 1 May 2011


More driving along to West Coast this morning to Makarora. Those who did the glacier hiking yesterday enjoyed it. They said they got to climb down crevasses and through ice tunnels. The roads on the West Coast are narrow and winding and whenever we cross a river the bridges are just one lane, no traffic lights, you just have to be careful and make sure that no one is coming the other way. We even came across a one lane bridge which we had to share with trains as well. It was a bit scary because in order to look down the bridge to see if cars were on the other side you had to pull onto the train tracks, and if another car comes you have to sit on the tracks. There was another place where a train crossed over a round about, not a road near the roundabout, but actually over the middle of it, its mad! There are sand flies everywhere as well. They are little black flies which bite like mosquitoes and they are everywhere on the west coast, so annoying!

We have arrived in a small town called Makarora. There is a building which is the hotel receptionl small food shop, gift shop, bar, restaurant, petrol station, booking office for river tours and helicopter rides and internet cafe. Other than that there are our cabins, a few farms and a school. That is all.We have one night here before heading to Queenstown tomorrow, I'm soooooooo excited. There is also karaoke in the multi-functional building and that is all there is to do here, just drink!

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